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Spy Earpiece - What is it for ?

The main purpose of the spy earpiece set is to provide invisible communication over a cell phone. You need it when you are:

  • passing exams or taking tests
  • Making speech at a meeting or negotiations
  • Working as a security guard
  • Playing games or gambling at casino etc.

Benefits of using Spy Earpiece set with you cell phone:

  • if you are a student you pass your exams without prior preparation. You don't need to fill up your head with heaps of facts and dates. Your partner will give them to you over the phone.

  • if you are a businessman you get information from your colleagues in real time while carrying on negotiations. You will not get into embarrassing situations when you are stumped for an answer.

  • if you are a politician you look confident in front of your audience as you don't have to sight-read your speech anymore. Your assistant will make sure you remember all your arguments.

  • if you are a security guard you secretly get and give instructions to your co-workers. You stait intermingled with the crowd and keep the situation under control.

  • if you are a gambler you get help from your friend when you need advice during the game. Nobody will notice that you cheat.

  • if you are a host of the show you are in the center of everybody's attention. You can make no mistakes, the spy earpiece and your team will help you out.

You will always know what to say with Spy Earpiece set!

Learn now and here Surefire Tips on Effective Using Spy Earpiece in Exam. And Help Your Friend to Pass the Exam Successfully.

How Does Spy Earpiece work?

The device is used the same way as you would use any other hands free or Bluetooth set with your phone except its small size and skin color makes it invisible for others. All you have to do is to connect the set to your sell phone and make or receive calls like you do regularly. The spy earpiece receives the signal from the phone through the transmitter.

What you need to do is to arrange with your partner outside the area who will be giving you all the necessary information using any phone (cell, home or public phone).

You put the cord (transmitter) around your neck under your clothes, put the wireless spy earpiece into you ear and just before you enter the room make a call to your partner. The microphone located on the transmitter is very sensitive. It lets your partner hear everything you say, even whisper. The answer can be clearly heard by you but nobody else. It is provided by the combination of the convenient volume adjustment and clear sound of the wireless spy earpiece.

Due to its extra small size (0.22×0.22×0.4 inch) and the use of the newest wireless technologies the spy earpiece can not be seen even at close distance.

After you are done you can easily take spy earpiece out from your ear with the help of ejection cord. The set is absolutely safe to use!<

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